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Volume 3; Issue 11

The Editor's Corner -- October 18, 2004

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Featured Article - Acupuncture & Emotions
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Alternative Viewpoint - Reduce Asthma & Breathe Free

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Today's article explores the eastern viewpoint on a connection between personality type and tendency, and one's predisposition to certain ailments. Presented as a means of understanding the then necessitated acupuncture based healing processes, this article is sure to be of interest to all of you.

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Our Featured Article Link
Acupuncture & Emotions
an article by Charles Yarborough, LAC, NCCA, excerpted from

Several decades ago, the concept of personality as a predictive factor in disease was formally introduced to the West.

Appreciation of the Type-A personality, with its hostility, its hurried mindset and polyphasic thinking, drew widespread attention to emotion as a factor in the genesis of disease. Subsequently, another illness-prone personality type - Type D - was recognized by its characteristic suppressing of negative emotions.

Western clinical researchers in recent years have scrutinized the relationship between emotion and illness. Can negative thinking, they ask, make a person sick? More recently they have added, in counterpoint: can positive thinking (generated by prayer and imagery) help a person heal?

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An Alternative Viewpoint
Reduce Asthma and Breathe Free - Naturally
by Dr. Rita Louise

Asthma can be a serous and often frightening condition that is typified by a tightening of the chest, wheezing and difficulty breathing.

Asthma is made up of two underlying components: inflammation and constriction. During normal breathing, the bands of muscles that surround the airways are relaxed, and air moves freely. But in people with asthma, the bands of muscle surrounding the airways tighten and air cannot move freely.

In addition, individuals with asthma often have airways that are inflamed, irritated and swollen. This can make it hard for them to breathe...

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