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Volume 3; Issue 9

The Editor's Corner -- September 1, 2004

In this month's edition:

Featured Article - Renew Yourself - An Ayurvedic Cleanse
Our Sponsor - Yogic Slim - Traditional Weight Loss Formula
Traditional Formula of the Month - Joint Care Formula
Alternative Viewpoint - Vegetarian, It's Not All or Nothing

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Welcome to a late summer edition of the TCM Journal - we hope that you have all found an opportunity to enjoy some of what only the summer months can have to offer...

This month's edition turns to one of our most requested topics surrounding eastern medicine, albeit not the Chinese discipline. Ayurveda is yet another ancient practice receiving a great deal of attention relative to it's history, and effectiveness in managing many modern conditions and concerns.

Today's article explores the process of cleansing, as viewed by the Ayurvedic tradition, and guides our readers through the process. The article is sure to be of interest to all of you.

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Our Featured Article
Renew Yourself - Ayurvedic Internal Cleansing
an article by Shreelata Suresh,

Ayurvedic healers highly recommend periodic internal cleansing as a way to maintain good health and prevent disorders from taking root in the physiology. Just like you regularly flush out the plumbing system in your home or change the oil in your automobile engine, periodically helping your body flush toxins out thoroughly is a good maintenance technique that will help organs and systems stay more efficient for a longer period of time.

Especially after the age of 40, when your body's own cleansing and rejuvenating capability starts slowing down, supporting it with a cleansing regime is important for ongoing health and vitality.

The Seed and Land Theory of Ayurveda

Proper digestion is crucial for health. When digestion is efficient and complete, all of the food you eat is either converted into nutrient fluids for absorption into the body, or flushed out as wastes. When the digestive process is incomplete or inefficient, partially digested food matter is left behind in the digestive system. This substance, called ama in ayurveda, becomes toxic to the physiology if allowed to stay in the body or build up over time...

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An Alternative Viewpoint
Vegetarian Does Not Have To Be All Or Nothing
by Melanie Mendelson

Many people contemplate becoming a vegetarian at one point or another. Some consider a meatless diet because they feel sorry for the animals. Others think a vegetarian way of eating will improve their health.

However, out of those well-intentioned people very few actually follow through and change their way of eating. The idea of completely giving up meat forms a big stumbling block for most.

For some reason, when it comes to vegetarian cooking, most people only see the "extremist" approach: either give up meat completely or you might as well include the meat in every meal. This "all or nothing" thinking becomes a mental barrier that keeps a lot of people from eating more vegetarian meals...

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