Volume 1; Issue 2

The Editor's Corner -- March 1, 2002

Welcome to the latest edition of the TCM Journal!

The March issue focuses upon an article by Misha Ruth Cohen, better known to many of you as Doc Misha. A prominent writer and practitioner in the field of TCM, the featured article is an exploration into the eastern view of HIV, as well as its potential treatment through traditional methods. You will find links to Misha's website, and recent books at the end of the article itself. Both are worthy of further study, and we are certain you will enjoy her wide range of offerings.

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Our Featured Article
Understanding HIV From The Chinese Perspective
by Misha Ruth Cohen, O.M.D., L. Ac.

Through clinical observation and treatment of thousands of people with HIV and AIDS, clinical evaluation of the tongues of over 600 people with HIV infection and/or AIDS, and the use of pulse diagnosis, I have come to understand that HIV infection is triggered by Toxic Heat, and initially attacks the Spleen and Stomach Organ Systems. They are the central organs involved in this complex syndrome and must be supported throughout the entire course of the disease even when the HIV-related disharmonies expand to involve all the other organ systems as well.

The Impact of Toxic Heat

Toxic Heat creates the initial flu-like symptoms that for many people accompany initial exposure to HIV. And as the Toxic Heat moves more deeply into all systems of the body, it triggers a whole variety of common HIV-related symptoms: pruritis, or chronic itching, sore throats, increase in body temperature, feeling like you always have a fever even if one is not present, a nagging sensation that something toxic is present in the body...

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Featured Traditional Formula
Clear Energy - Chuang Chou Tang
Principal Actions:
Powerful energy tonic, used in the treatment of anaemia, fatigue, memory concerns, impotence, lower back pain

Based on the ancient Taoist formula Chuang chou tang, Clear Energy is formulated to restore vitality to a body weakened by environmental and emotional stresses. Clear Energy features a variety of respected herbals, including Ginseng and Du Zhong (featured below). Clear Energy is recommended for use in either the short or long term, as a daily tonic, or a preventative measure. In Eastern terms, Clear Energy is used to fortify the Shen (mind) and to strengthen the Qi (lifeforce).

For additional information on this formula, click here

Chinese Medicinal Herb of the Month

Pinyin: Du Zhong

Latin: Eucommia Ulmoides
Component of: Clear Energy; Clear the Pain, Clear Menopause
Western Medical View:
Has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and hypotensive actions. Indicated for such disorders as hypertension, impotence, lumbago, pain in the joints, frequent urination, weak sinews and bones, fatigue, spermatorrhea and to prevent miscarriage.
Eastern Medical View:

Tonifies yang, kidneys and liver, and is said to be sweet, acrid, and warm. Du Zhong enters the kidney, and liver channels.

General Overview:

Du Zhong is recognized as one of China's pre-eminent tonic herbs and was discussed second only to Panax Ginseng in the first pharmacopoeia of China, that of Shen Nung written about three thousand years ago.

Eucommia ulmoides is officially listed in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia as the dried stem bark of Eucommia ulmoides Oliv. (Fam. Eucommiaceae). The drug is collected from April to June, removed from the coarse outer layer, piled up until the inner surface becomes purplish brown, and dried in the sun.

The bark of this temperate zone rubber tree, E. Ulmoides has received tremendous attention in China, and by US drug companies. It has been found to contain an active principle that may be the most effective drug for treating, and perhaps preventing, high blood pressure.

Pharmacological Actions:

In clinical testing, Du Zhong has indicated strong hypotensive, cardiovascular, and anti-inflammatory aspects. It has also shown some abilities in the areas of cholesterol reduction, and immuno-stimulance.

It's most marked impact is in the area of hypertension, where clinical trials involving the oral ingestion of the crude drug, in either a tablet, or tea based format, have indicated some improvement in as many as 80% of cases.

It's effectiveness in cases of rheumatoid arthritis, and lumbago have tested as high as 87%, with a marked improvement in close to half of all tested individuals. Treatment was completed via the injection of a leaf based preparation.



"No one can see their reflection in running water...

It is only in still water that we can see."

Taoist Proverb

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