Volume 1; Issue 1

The Editor's Corner -- February 1, 2002

Welcome to the premiere edition of the TCM Journal!

The Journal has taken the place of our previous, and popular publication, the A World of Good Health News, and welcomes a host of new subscribers, joining us from the A World of network's Chinese medicine, and Acupuncture sites.

With a strong focus on the ancient, but relevant teachings of Chinese medicine and acupuncture, the Journal will share monthly articles by some of the top practitioners and writers in these fields - each an area of growing acceptance and popularity amongst not only those seeking alternative methods, but respected members of the medical community as well.

In the interest of achieving a balanced approach, a concept that is the cornerstone of virtually all eastern philosophies, the TCM Journal will occasionally explore alternatives outside the realm of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Please let us know your interests, as we fully intend that this publication be guided, and molded through your hands.

Many of the features that subscribers to our earlier publications have grown to love have been maintained, including links to recent alternative health news articles, and monthly subscriber prizing. Check on the right to see if your name is mentioned as this month's lucky winner!

Explore the Journal, and you'll discover some new areas that we have added for you, as well. We sincerely hope that you enjoy our first edition, and as always, openly invite your feedback and special requests.

Your needs continue to be our sole inspiration.


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Our Featured Article
The Chinese Solution to the Common Cold
by Steve Phillips, L.Ac.

Is there a cure for the common cold? Not yet, either here or in China. But Chinese medicine offers an effective way of treating the common cold, one that dramatically reduces its duration and severity.

If a cold is treated in its initial stage--when one is just starting to feel out-of-sorts--an acupuncture treatment and dose of herbs can stop the cold from progressing, and the person should feel fine in about a day, provided he or she has a normally functioning immune system.

If, however, treatment isn't received right away, then the cold will have to pass through its normal stages. In this case, acupuncture and herbal medicine will support the immune system in such a way that the progression will occur with much less discomfort...

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Featured Traditional Formula
Clear the Way - Sang Ju Gan Mao
Principal Actions:
Antiviral, antibiotic, decongestant, expectorant, immuno strengthening

The combination of herbs in the Clear the Way formula effectively address the symptoms of the cold, and influenza. The principal actions of this herbal combination alleviate the condition within the first few hours of treatment. Used for centuries as a primary treatment for the common cold, Clear the Way has achieved DIN status in Canada, having proven its effectiveness using the same standards of clinical testing as those required of the pharmaceutical industry.

For additional information on this formula, click here

Chinese Medicinal Herb of the Month

Pinyin: Jing Jie

Latin: Herba Schizonepeta Tenuifoliae
Component of: Clear the Way
Western Medical View:
Traditionally indicated in the treatment of the common cold with associated chills and fever. It has a diaphoretic effect. Encourages rashes to surface and alleviates itching. Its applications include various tumors, skin diseases, common colds, headaches, sores, swelling of the throat. Schizonepeta also has antipyretic, analgesic and hemostatic effects.
Eastern Medical View:

Releases exterior, expels wind. Exterior wind heat/cold patterns. Properties are acrid, aromatic, slightly warm. Channels entered include the lung & liver.

General Overview:
Fineleaf Schizonepeta Herb is the dried aerial part of Schizonepeta tenuifolia Briq. The drug is collected in summer and autumn when the tops of the flowering stems are in bloom but green in color, removed from foreign matter and dried in the sun. Schizonepeta was listed in Shen Nung Pen Tsao Ching (Shen Nung's Herbal) as "chia su". Practitioners of oriental medicine regard it as effective in removing the toxins, as well as in promoting perspiration and fever.
Pharmacological Actions:
Has clinically indicated antimicrobial effects, showing strong activity against Staphylococcus aureus and Corynebacterium diphtheriae, and to some extent against Bacillus anthracis, beta streptococcus, Salmonella typhi, Shigella dysenteriae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Mycobacterium tuberculosis var. hominis. Has a weak antipyretic effect, and has shown some hemostatic activity when cooked prior to ingestion.


"No one can see their reflection in running water...

It is only in still water that we can see."

Taoist Proverb

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