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Volume 3; Issue 1

The Editor's Corner -- January 10, 2004

In this month's edition:

Featured Article - Troubled Teens Getting Help From TCM
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Traditional Formula of the Month - TCM Back Pain Relief
Medicinal Herb of the Month - Astragalus, Huang Qi

A warm welcome to all of our new and long-term subscribers!

Welcome to our first issue of the periodical TCM Journal for the 2004 year. Best wishes from our editorial team to each of you for both health and prosperity in the coming year!

With the new year often playing a strong role in our ability to focus on determining, and implementing life change, our article this edition stays with this theme.

Felix and Carmela Wolf have provided a summary of their experience in assisting others with change - the focus of that change being troubled teenagers, the methods based in traditional medicine. We would like to send our thanks to Felix and Carmela for documenting their experience, and for sharing them with our readers. We stand reminded that traditional practices offer up not only traditional remedies, but new and valuable opportunities to address issues of the day.

If you're a new subscriber, you may have missed previous, equally interesting, and informative editions of The TCM Journal. As such, we have assembled an archives area to allow review of past issues and articles, which is located here.

Explore the Journal, and discover what the ancient practice of TCM can do for you. As always, we openly invite your feedback and special requests, and look forward to developing the journal to meet the wishes of our readers.

Your needs continue to be our sole inspiration.


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Our Featured Article
Troubled Teens Are Getting Help From Oriental Medicine
an article by Felix and Carmela Wolf, of

Spring Creek Academy is a specialty boarding school for teenagers who are struggling in their home, school, or community. Most of the about 450 students are here because of problems with drugs, alcohol, negative peers, low self-esteem, poor academics and low motivation. Beside the academic program, students are participating in a variety of growth and development programs, and recently, progressive directors Cameron and Chaffin Pullan enlisted the help of Oriental Medicine.

From September to December 2003, Miami based OM Programs, founded and operated by Acupuncture Physicians Carmela and Felix Wolf conducted a four month controlled trial program to research the effects of Oriental Medicine on the emotional development of a group of Spring Creek students. The program consisted of a total of twenty acupuncture treatments, Qigong therapy, acupressure instruction, aromatherapy, and daily herbal therapy...

read the results that these troubled teens experienced >>>

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Medicinal Herb of the Month

PinYin Name: Huang Qi

Latin Name: Radix Astragalus membranaceus
Common: Astragalus Root
Traditional & Western Medical View:

Radix Astragalus is officially listed as the dried root of Astragalus membranaceus. The drug is collected in spring and autumn, removed from rootlet and root stock, and dried in the sun.

Astragalus root is an old and well known drug in traditional Chinese medicine. It is often used as a tonic, and for treatment of nephritis and diabetes. This herb is also used in the treatment of immune deficiency disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, anaemia and adrenal deficiency.

General Overview:

Astragalus tonifies qi and blood, spleen, lungs. Properties are said to be sweet, slightly warm. Channels entered include the spleen, lung.

The biologically active constituents of Astragalus roots represent two classes of chemical compounds, polysaccharides and saponins.

Pharmacological Actions:

In 49 cases of chronic persisting hepatitis treated with the Astragalus injection, a marked effective rate of 61.2% and an aggregate effective rate of 85.7% were attained.

A satisfactory prophylactic effect against the common cold was achieved in 1000 subjects given Astragalus orally or as a nasal spray, as evidenced by a decrease in the incidence of the disease and in the shortening of its course.

An injection prepared from a decoction of Astragalus, administered intramuscularly at for a course of one month was employed to treat 73 cases of gastric ulcers. Marked improvement in the subjective symptoms, particularly the vigor and appetite, was obtained.



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