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Volume 2; Issue 1

The Editor's Corner -- January 1, 2003

In this month's edition:

Featured Article - Chinese Prescription for Health & Longevity
Our Sponsor - Zen for Men Fig Leaf & Lime Collection
Traditional Formula of the Month - Slim Aid
Chinese Medicinal Herb of the Month - Xi Xin

Happy New Year to all of our new and long-term subscribers!

As we enter 2003, there are surely a number among us who are considering resolutions declared for the coming year, and pondering the means through which we will achieve them. The need for change seems to come alive at this time of year, for some successfully, and for others in a way that is stressful, and at times, defeating.

Establishing a balanced approach to all aspects of our daily lives, which includes an ongoing commitment to paced, positive growth throughout the year, can reduce the need for lifestyle shifts of a massive nature, and the potential for becoming overwhelmed by the over-aggressive commitments that sometimes result.

This month's article will provide you with some insights on developing a 'lifestyle of change' that engenders the concept of balance. Though considered by many a 'new age' topic, this approach has been at work for millennia, and should prove of considerable value to those of you with plans for the year ahead.

If you're a new subscriber, you may have missed previous, equally interesting, and informative editions of The TCM Journal. As such, we have assembled an archives area to allow review of past issues and articles, which is located here.

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Explore the Journal, and discover what the ancient practice of TCM can do for you. As always, we openly invite your feedback and special requests, and look forward to developing the journal to meet your requirements.

Your needs continue to be our sole inspiration.


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Our Featured Article
A Chinese Prescription for Health & Longevity
by Shoshanna Katzman, C.A., M.A.

The search for the fountain of youth has continued throughout the ages. It would be great if there existed a pill derived from natural sources to insure a long and healthy life, but no such magical pill exists. In the meantime, the best solution is to take impeccable care of ourselves. There really is no other way around it.

Taking excellent care of ourselves requires a multitude of lifestyle decisions including, but not limited to, nutrition, exercise, stress, sex, emotions, and rest. So much to learn, so much to do, so many decisions to make in such a short time. Just knowing where to begin on this self-care quest can present a dilemma, not to mention the challenge of making the right health choices on a continuing basis...

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Chinese Medicinal Herb of the Month

Pinyin: Xi Xin

Latin: Herba Asari cum Radice
Western Medical View:
Indicated for such disorders as influenza, headache due to common cold, cough, arthritis, nasal congestion, rheumatic pain, asthma, and toothache.
Eastern Medical View:

Warm, acrid exterior releasing. Dispels cold and wind, warms the lungs to resolve accumulated fluids. Said to have a pungent flavor, and to enter the heart, lung, liver, and kidney meridians.

General Overview:

Herba Asari is officially listed in the Chinese pharmacopoeia as the dried herb of Asarum heterotropoides. The herb, as used in China and Japan, has many botanical origins.

Because it is an important Chinese herbal drug, much research concerning its chemical constituents has been conducted and many constituents isolated. The constituent contents and composition have been found to vary with the habitat of the plant. The plant has been studied since the 1930's by Takahashi and Kaku.

The drug is collected at the fruiting stage in summer or in early autumn, removed from adhering soil, and dried in the shade. Its actions are considered to be antirheumatic, antitussive and analgesic.

Pharmacological Actions:

Pharmacologically, Xi Xin has been known to possess antitussive, expectorant, antipyretic, antibacterial, analgesic and sedative effects.

The herb was shown to reduce fever induced by exposure to heat, as well as the typhoid vaccine. The oil also lowered the body temperature in normal situations.

An anti-allergic activity was also demonstrated by the herb, which reduced more than 40% the total amount of allergic mediators released in immediate hypersensitivity reactions.


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